The Dawn Bubbles Project

Dawn Dish Liquid has used the selling line “One drop does a lot.” for many years. But to give the idea new life, we created a larger-than-life art installation in a popular shopping center.

Entering the shopping center, people were immediately immersed in the 100-foot long installation, created with over 43,000 balloons and stretching over both the ground and first floors.

­The installation let people experience Dawn's bubbles in an artistic, unique and highly memorable way, from multiple levels and angles. In fact, the installation’s design incorporated several places where people could actually touch the bubbles, allowing for great interaction and photo opportunities. 

On line, people could experience the installation with a 360-degree video, as well as several videos of the project. 

Credits: Steve Willis/ACD, Account Team: Marjorie Porter, Elizabeth Bernstein, Kaitlin Lebbad, Jennifer Peterson, Zenia Birdie, Rachel Aferzon and Meg Murthy. Global Strategist: Teresa Parks. Digital Strategist: Tho Bach. Producers: Mary Morgan, Samantha Jaffoni. 

The Making of Dawn Bubbles Project